Guitar instructor Matt Benham has been playing for 30 years and teaching for 15 years. He specializes in rock, blues, and jazz guitar, with an emphasis on accelerated learning and practicing techniques.

Matt is the president of the Seattle Jazz Guitar Society and can be found at the SJGS jazz jams often. He plays solo jazz guitar for events such as the March of Dimes Signature Chefs Event, weddings, and for audiences at local establishments such as Ponder and Bellevue Square Mall. He’s an active player, with 17 years of recording and performing experience within the Seattle rock and jazz community. Matt has played with several groups and artists including Argo, Black Swedes, Flat 5, A Breakthrough in Field Studies, Hand of the Hills, The Nom Noms, Kate Voss, Jjjacob Jjjames, Lotus Lungs, and Spontanea, and has been a volunteer musician for Jazz Night School.

Matt’s music has appeared on MTV’s The Real World, in the 2017 indie horror film Dead Body, and in videos for Inc Magazine. He currently teaches at West Side Music Academy in West Seattle and at a studio located within Mike Lull Guitar Works in Bellevue. Please contact him at matthew.benham@gmail.com.

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